Suckomatic 3d Print Room


3D printing is a manufacturing technique that not only allows for rapid prototyping but also allows primary manufacture to happen with precision and ease.  Here on the Gold Coast, we have over 100 3D printers, the largest print farm within Australia.  A print farm is simply a group of printers that run simultaneously and continually to meet production needs. The print farm is simply an extension of the pre-existing print laboratory that was created to develop 3D printed products to sell to the market.

 The benefit of embracing 3D technology is that the production and ideas are limitless are endless.  With the right person sitting behind the development and design team, ideas can be transformed into reality with the simple touch of a button.

 The essential tool at SUCKOMATIC is the 3D printer and having the right printer is necessary for ensuring automation and printer reliability. It is for this reason the team at SUCKOMATIC chose the PRUSA I3 M3S  printer for its print farm in Australia.

With the current economic changes occurring in the world, it became clear that manufacturing needed to be brought back to Australia. Therefore, instead of undertaking the same production methods as other Australian manufacturers, the team at SUCKOMATIC choose to embrace new technology and push the boundaries of manufacturing.

3D printers are getting more and more reliable each year, and when it comes to maintenance, the PRUSA printers are the only choice as they are the industry leaders in this technology.  While the printers have thousands of parts, these parts can be easily replaced when needed by merely printing those parts again on the other 3D printers within the print farm.  This makes maintenance and care of these printers easy, affordable and manageable. The key to a well-maintained 3D print farm is regular maintenance and cleaning.  This will ensure the longevity of your printer and the optimal end product created by the 3D printers.


In the print farm, one person oversees the new ideas and product development.  By having a print farm set up and ready, porotypes can easily be manufactured and tested prior to being sent to market.  There is no delay by outsourcing production and testing the products.  This saves months in the creation and development of new products in the print farm.

The next person in the team is responsible for removing parts from the print beds and setting up the printers for their next job.  This person cleans the beds and runs diagnostics twice a week to ensure the printers are running at their optimum capacity.

Our print farm has the capacity to be set up in any environment and is quiet, clean, and efficient.  The print farm has the capability of running 24 hours a day with a simple push of a button. This makes sure the team at SUCKOMATIC can meet its production deadlines. The complete power usage from the print farm is offset by a simple 6.6-kilowatt solar system, which lowers not only the cost of production but greenhouse gas emissions. 


The SUCKOMATIC is a revolutionary 3D printed product that uses the force of your garden hose to suck out water from jet ski footwells and boats through the rear wastewater outlet attached to the SUCKOMATIC tool.  With a simple CLICK (click on the hose) STICK (stick the SUCKOMATIC in the water) and SUCK (turn on the garden hose) water will be removed instantly and with ease from your jet ski and boat.  There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning out water from the jet ski and boats once you have spent time and effort cleaning your water device. 

Without the invention of 3D technology, it would not have been possible to create the SUCKOMATIC as the internal printing of the SUCKOMATIC allows water to be pushed into the SUCKOMATIC and sucked out of the rear waste water hose, sucking up unwanted water from the nozzle as it goes.  A simple physics process made possible with 3D printing technology.