Suckomatic – Fish Tanks

Suckomatic – Fish Tanks

SUCKOMATIC has hit Australia by storm and is a revolutionary 3D printed venturi vacuum that assists its customers with the removal of water from hard-to-reach places.

 Keeping your fish tank clean is not just a matter of aesthetics; it is also vitally important for the health of your fish. While setting up and decorating your fish tank can be fun, it becomes a lot of hard work to maintain.

The most important thing with a fish tank is regular cleaning as, for the sake of your fish friends and the bacteria in the tank, large scale cleaning of the tank should be avoided at all costs.

 Every fish tank is different, and therefore the intervals and mechanics involved in cleaning the tank will vary based on the type and size of the tank.  What does not change is the removal of the water from the tank on each cleaning occasion.  This can be a messy and time-consuming task unless you have the SUCKOMATIC.

The SUCKOMATIC is a simple yet effective water pump that uses the venturi principle to remove water with the simple assistance of a garden hose.  The SUCKOMATIC is nicknamed the “The Water Sucker”, as it does precisely that….sucks away unwanted water.  It uses the age-old venturi principal to assist with the suction of water from your fish tank. The pump works by water being pushed through the SUCKOMATIC device at speed and sucking away the unwanted water through the wastewater valve.

The SUCKOMATIC solves the problem of removing water from fish tanks and is an Australian invention that was created on the Gold Coast using 3D print technology.  Without 3D print technology, it would not have been possible to develop the internal chambers of the SUCKOMATIC, which makes the venturi effect possible.

With a simple CLICK (click on a garden hose) STICK (stick the SUCKOMATIC in the fish tank) and SUCK (turn on the garden hose) water is removed from the fish tank with ease and care.

The SUCKOMATIC grill fittings also ensures that gravel and other items are not sucked up the SUCKOMATIC when water is being removed.

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